3 Important Estate Plan Modifications To Be Aware Of


If you want to make an estate plan, you should use a probate lawyer as a resource. This important decision is more than writing on a piece of paper how you want your assets divided in the event of your death. After an estate plan is completed, it is not the end of the matter. Estate plan changes may need to be done because of certain things that may happen in a person's lifetime.

19 November 2020

Strange Adoptions: What To Know About Adults Being Adopted By Other Adults


Believe it not, it's perfectly legal for an adult to be adopted by another adult. There are, however, laws that prevent this type of adoption in some cases. To find out about the motivation behind such adoptions and when they are not appropriate, read on. When is Adopting an Adult Okay? The situations listed below are not very common and it's advisable to speak to a family law attorney before you begin to plan such an action.

29 July 2020