What To Do Before Your DUI Trial


If you are pulled over for drunk driving, it's not the end of the line; there are still some ways that you can avoid getting charged and losing your license. Here are some steps that you can take to clear up your case. 

Choosing Whether or Not to Plead Guilty

In the case of a drunk driving charge, it's often wise not to plead guilty. If you admit to drunk driving when the officer pulls you over, it becomes more of a cut and dry case that will result in a drunk driving charge. If you don't plead guilty, then the jury will have to rely on more circumstantial evidence. 

For instance, a breathalyzer test isn't solid proof of a drunk driving charge, since these tests can sometimes be faulty. The officer may also give you tests such as walking tests or spelling the alphabet backwards. If your results are not conclusive, it can be helpful to a DUI lawyer to argue for another explanation of your tests. 

Consider an Ignition Lock

Before your trial, it may be helpful to get an ignition lock put in place. This is an attachment to your steering wheel that gives you a breathalyzer test before the ignition will start. This step won't prevent you from getting a DUI, but it may convince the court to let you keep your driver's license. An ignition lock must be monitored every month to make sure that you're not violating the drinking limits, but it's a great solution if your car is a necessity. 

Lawyer or No Lawyer?

You have the choice of representing yourself in a DUI trial. However, there are a few reasons why it's a good idea to get representation. There are a few little tricks in the DUI trial process that you may only learn with the help of a lawyer. For instance, there are some questions that you aren't legally obligated to answer during questioning, and knowing this can protect your defense. 

Even if you do receive a DUI charge, a lawyer (such as Elgart Ronald H) can help you reduce the penalty. For instance, you may want to present a case for why you should retain your license. If you need you car for childcare purposes and there aren't any other alternatives, a judge may be less likely to revoke your license. There are many different courses that your DUI trial can take, and DUI lawyers can help you sift through your options. 


27 July 2015

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