Creating A Custody Arrangement That Is In The Best Interest Of Your Child


When involved in a custody dispute, you will not want to focus on winning the custody of your child. Instead, you want to place yourself in the correct mindset in which your goal is to pursue that which is in the best interest of your child. With the help of an experienced child custody attorney, you can obtain a court order that is in the best interest of your child by avoiding several mistakes.

14 September 2021

Little Known Facts About Bicycle Accidents


If your bike collides with a car, consult a car accident lawyer. Here is some basic information on bicycle accidents. Liability for Different Types of Bicycle Accidents Accidents at Intersections A cyclist has a right-of-way when riding on a street that has no stop sign. A car that approaches the street with no stop sign and drives in front of the cyclist will be responsible for the accident. However, if the cyclist rides against traffic and there is an accident, both the driver and cyclist are to blame.

5 August 2021

How Auto Accident Personal Injury Cases Are Handled Before Going To Trial


It's important that you strictly follow your state's traffic rules to keep you and everyone else safe on the road. Unfortunately, not everyone drives well, and although you don't want to put your safety in the hands of other drivers, you may have no option but to use the public road network. Unsurprisingly, auto accidents make up the bulk of personal injury cases in the U.S., and anyone that uses vehicle transportation in the country can easily find themselves on the receiving end of an erratic driver's actions.

18 June 2021

How To Increase Your Odds Of Your Disability Appeal Being Successful


After you have been denied SSDI benefits, your battle will not be over. You are able to file an appeal and those who file appeals are more likely to be approved than they were during their original application. A disability insurance claim lawyer can help you through this process. Obtain Your Claim File Make sure to obtain a claim file because any disabilities you have that are not found in the claim file will not be taken into consideration when determining whether your claim should be approved.

12 May 2021