Tips To Prepare For A Restraining Order Hearing


As a victim of domestic violence, you have the right to take legal action to prevent future abuse. One of the first acts you should take is to obtain a restraining order. When you request the restraining order, a hearing will be scheduled for both you and the accused to appear. To increase your odds of getting your request approved by a judge, it is important you prepare for the hearing.

Write Down and Practice Your Testimony

During the hearing, you will need to testify regarding the abuse you experienced. To help you overcome any nervousness you are feeling about testifying and to help you remember what information you want to share with the court, you should write down your story and practice telling it. It is important that you focus on relating exactly what happened. For instance, if the abuser threatened the safety of your children, you need to state exactly which words you remember him or her saying. 

When you avoid paraphrasing the threats or words of the abuser, your testimony seems more credible. Avoid exaggerating during your testimony. Depending on the judge, you might be able to take your notes with you to use while testifying. If so, remember that you could be asked to share the notes with your abuser's attorney, too. 

Gather the Evidence Needed

If you do not have the evidence needed to prove that you were abused, there is a chance that your request for a restraining order will be denied. To prevent this, it is imperative that you collect as much evidence as possible before your hearing. There is no such thing as too much evidence. 

Evidence in a domestic violence case includes police reports, medical records, any household items that were broken by the abuser, pictures of your injuries, and copies of any records that show the abuser was charged with and convicted of abusive crimes. Even your own personal diary can be evidence in the case if you documented incidents of abuse in it. 

One other crucial element to your case is the testimony of witnesses. If you have anyone who has witnessed the abuse or your injuries, you need them to testify. The more people who can back up your story, the better for your case. 

Before the hearing, your attorney will go over other ways that you can prepare for the case. It is important that you complete any requests that he or she makes of you before the trial so that your attorney, like Gerald Mack Freeman atty, can properly prepare for the trial. 


6 August 2015

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