How A Lawyer Can Assist With The Will Of A Deceased Loved One


Did one of your loved ones pass away and you are unsure if he or she had a will or not? The first thing that you should do is hire a probate lawyer for assistance, as he or she will be able to will be able to locate the will if it exists. A lawyer will also be able to assist with the probate process to make sure the will is properly carried out. In this article, you will learn about a few of the services that a probate lawyer can provide when it comes to a will.

Determine Who Was Appointed the Executor

If your deceased loved one has a will, it will list someone as the executor. The executor will be in charge of making sure all of the beneficiaries receive what they inherited in the will. The executor will also be responsible for making sure debts that were left behind are paid off. A lawyer will come in handy because he or she can help the executor manage the will. The lawyer can also assist if the executor is in a position in which certain assets must be sold before the beneficiaries are issued money.

File Documents with the Court

One of the services provided by a lawyer is filing documents with the court so the probate process can begin. However, the probate process is usually only necessary if all of the assets were in the name of your deceased loved one. Going through the probate process is also necessary if someone wants to contest the will. The main job of the lawyer during probate court is to make sure that everything in the will is properly carried out.

Assist in the Case That the Will is Contested

Keep in mind that someone that was related or close to your deceased loved one can contest the will if they were left out. For instance, a child of your deceased loved one might contest the will if he or she is not named as one of the beneficiaries. If the will is contested, the lawyer will present a good argument to the judge on behalf of the executor and beneficiaries. He or she will basically prove why the will should not be changed, such as by explaining possible reasons why the person contesting the will was left out. Make an appointment with a probate lawyer like one from Moore, O'Connell & Refling PC as soon as you are ready.  


17 June 2016

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