Important Information About Subtle Sexual Harassment Women Need To Know


For many women, knowing the signs of real sexual intentions from men or women they work with is important, because many signals are slight and subtle. If you are unaware another person is targeting you sexually, you may fall into a trap of thinking their comments and actions are out of friendship or that they are just joking and having fun. Learn more about some of the ways you could be the target of sexual harassment without being aware of it.

Comments Aimed To Make You Feel Comfortable

If your boss or anyone else in your workplace makes comments like 'Hey gorgeous' or 'Hey babe' every time they see you, you might think after a few times it's just something they say to every woman out of habit. However, in many cases, these kinds of comments are made to make you comfortable about that person so he or she can make more serious advances later or more demanding comments like ' Hey, darlin', smile for me'. For this reason, these types of comments are legally considered a form of workplace sexual harassment. If you have been the recipient of these kinds of comments on your job, and they have been consistent, discussing them with a sexual harassment lawyer is a good idea.

When Someone At Work Won't Take No For An Answer                                                  

Some people can be pressuring when they want something, like someone at your job that has made his or her mind up about taking you out on a date. If a co-worker or your boss keeps asking to go out to dinner or to see a movie and you have repeatedly said no, that is pressuring and it is considered sexual harassment. If a co-worker or your boss talks to you about their spouse or partner being boring or unable to make him or her happy anymore, that can also be considered a form of sexual harassment--even more so if you tell that person you would rather not discuss it because it makes you feel uncomfortable, and he or she keeps doing so.

Getting Too Close For Comfort

When you feel uncomfortable about a co-worker or your boss getting too physically close to you, it is also considered a type of sexual harassment, especially if that person makes a habit out doing so whenever he or she gets the opportunity. For example, if you are starting in a new department and you are asking for help to learn a new task, if the person you ask for help always leans into you or touches your arms or hands, that person is exhibiting a form of sexual harassment. In most cases, the task you would need help with on a job would never require physical contact for showing you how to complete it.

Any time you feel uncomfortable about the comments or other innuendos made by someone you work with, contacting a sexual harassment attorney can help you find out how to put a stop to it so you can work in peace.

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7 August 2016

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