Divorcing? You Need These People


When you realize that nothing will save your marriage, you may approach divorce reluctantly. However, if you want to both protect yourself and your finances without feeling worse, you should have the following people in your life.

1-A Lawyer

While many people contact a lawyer immediately upon deciding they want to get a divorce, some don't. They imagine that their relationship isn't so bad that they can't work things out amicably or imagine the cost is too high to use a professional. However, an attorney is often the partner most critical to a divorce.

Because your emotions may be all over the place, a divorce attorney, due to their experience, can protect your self-interests. They understand how a judge is likely to rule on assets and other issues, and they can raise issues that you didn't even think of. They can ensure paperwork is properly filed, so delays in the divorce don't happen. They can also provide simple advice about how you should conduct yourself as the proceedings unfold so that you maintain a solid case and valid claims.

2-A Therapist

While reeling from your feelings about the marriage and divorce you've started, you may feel that your feelings are normal and don't need any investigation. While your feelings may indeed be what many people experience in the same situation, a therapist can provide healthy and rational ways for you to cope with them. When you learn and use the techniques they suggest, you may find that you don't make irrational choices or make spiteful demands of your spouse that could hold up the divorce. You may more easily let go of some assets for peace of mind.

Your therapist will also equip you for post-divorce dating and life. They will help you examine the things about you that may need to change to lead a healthy life and find healthier partners for good dating and marriage relationships.

3-Supportive Friends or Relatives

Many people don't want to share news of their divorce with some family members or friends, fearing an "I told you so" or that they will encourage bad advice. That's why it's useful to keep your circle small and only discuss things with people who are supportive without being negative. You don't need more negativity at this time, so if relatives or friends make you feel worse about the situation, they should be avoided until everything is over.

Seeking out the above people will make this time one that you can get through more easily. Supportive people, therapists, and a smart attorney will help you regain your footing during the divorce so you can emerge stronger. For more information, contact a law office like Nichols, Speidel, & Nichols.


7 April 2018

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