Is Your College-Aged Daughter Facing Burglary Charges? 3 Tips To Help Her Handle Her Case


Few things are worse than finding out that your daughter is charged with a crime. After all, you know that the impact of a criminal conviction on her record could affect her ability to find gainful employment after her college graduation. While you may not be able to undo the past, you can use these tips to help her handle the burglary charges and prepare for a brighter future.

Find Out the Details

The first thing you need to do is find out what happened. Typically, burglary involves breaking and entering someone else's property without their permission with the intent to commit a crime. Keep in mind that this crime may include theft, assault, or the destruction of property. Encourage your daughter to be honest with you about her whereabouts during the time that the crime is supposed to have been committed, so that you can use the details to help her burglary offense law team know what to expect during the court proceedings. For example, your daughter may be able to provide information about whether or not cameras were located at the property in question, or she may have a valid alibi that can vouch that she was not at the scene of the crime during that time.

Understand the Potential Penalties

For a college-aged adult, the potential penalties of being found guilty of a burglary offense can last a lifetime. Burglary offenses can be prosecuted as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending upon the details surrounding the incident. For instance, a first-time offense of burglary that did not result in serious harm to another person or their property may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor. While this does tend to have lesser penalties when compared to a felony, your daughter could still be required to serve jail time and face stiff fines that are difficult to manage on a student budget.

Help Her Prepare a Legal Defense

Burglary offense law services often involve the preparation of a defense that helps to minimize the potential impact of being found guilty of this crime. In the best-case scenario, your daughter may be innocent and a proper defense protects her from facing penalties for a crime that she did not commit. As your daughter works with her legal team, they may be able to create a defense that proves that she either was not present at the scene or had no intention to commit a crime. For example, your daughter may have thought that she had the right to enter a building to recover her personal property after staying at someone else's residence.

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27 April 2018

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