Understanding The Job Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer


Being accused of wrongdoing by the police or the courts can leave you feeling stunned, but a criminal defense lawyer, like those at Goble & Yow PLLC, can guide you through the process of presenting a case. It's important, however, to have a full understanding of what your attorney's job actually is.

Protecting Your Rights

Before any other obligation is considered, your lawyer is there to explain to you what your rights are and how you can look out for your best interests. In any criminal inquiry, even instances where the police claim you aren't a suspect and aren't being accused of anything, you have the right to be told what the matter is actually about. If you don't have an attorney, get one immediately before addressing any questions. Should it take time for your counsel to show up, stay quiet and avoid even friendly conversation.

If the state moves forward with charges, your attorney can help you in acquiring copies of the evidence, interviewing witnesses, and understanding the overall case being made. This can get very involved, and it's wise to have a criminal lawyer services firm representing you during the process to ensure all documentation is handed over. The term for this process is called discovery, and it ensures that the prosecution gives the defense a fair chance to assess and respond to the claims being made.

Getting an Optimal Result

As much as you might want to fight a charge tooth and nail, the reality is that your attorney is obligated to present you with any offers of a plea agreement the prosecution might make. Your counsel will also explain whether they feel the deal represents a good choice or if you should push forward to a hearing. Bear in mind that going to a hearing does not mean you're necessarily headed for a trial. In fact, the majority of cases never go to trial.

Going to Trial

At pre-trial hearings, your criminal defense lawyer will break down problems with the case being presented. The judge will listen, and the prosecution will have a chance to rebut any defenses posed. While deals can be made at any stage of the process, the pre-trial period is usually when the highest chance of that happening is. If the court feels the prosecution might have a case and no agreement is likely to be reached, you have the right to insist upon a jury or bench trial.


4 September 2018

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