Is Your Child Custody Situation In Jeopardy?


Caring parents who are also divorcing parents can often disagree on important child-related issues. The creation of a fair and simple parenting plan is of utmost importance, but emotions can run high when parents try to agree on those issues. To make sure that you are prepared to deal with this potentially divisive issue, read below for some child custody tips.

Go On the Offensive

If you have reason to believe that your spouse will contest custody, you must take an offensive stance. Your spouse may have good reasons to think that they are the best parent for the job. While it's only natural to try and be fair, being "nice" might not give you the results you want and need. When both parents seem to be reasonably fit for the job of being the sole custodian, it's in your best interest to ensure that the scales tilt in your favor. As you take action against your spouse, be sure to keep the best interest of the child in mind and not just your own desires and wishes. When custody is in dispute, be sure to:

1. Let your attorney know about wrong-doing by your spouse. While no one is perfect, there is probably a reason why you feel that you are the best custodial parent for the child. Keep a journal focusing on the parenting skills (or lack thereof) of your spouse and provide your attorney with the notes.

2. Don't be shy about gathering the support of your friends and family. Often, school personnel, medical staff, neighbors, and others will be willing to testify in court about your parental fitness.

3. A spouse's bad habits not only affect you and your children, but they also might have affected others. Seek out your spouse's relatives and friends who might speak on your behalf in court. Even close family members may see the need to place the health and well-being of a child above family loyalties.

Be Aware of Your Own Behavior

When such an important issue is in contention, every aspect of the parties is under scrutiny. Some divorce attorneys advise their clients to never do anything that they would be embarrassed to see printed on the front page of a local newspaper. With that in mind:

1. Social media provides many people with validation and sympathy and divorcing parents need loads of those things. Unfortunately, posts to sites like Facebook can be misunderstood and taken out of context. You can avoid those issues by avoiding posting to social media sites about your divorce and child custody issues for the duration of your divorce. Seek support from friends and loved one directly instead.

2. Proceed carefully when getting into any new relationships until your divorce is final. No matter what your spouse is doing, relationships can not only complicate issues, but can also make you appear to lack judgment.

3. Try to keep the lives of your child as stable and secure as you can. They are already likely stressed-out and anxious about the changes that divorce has brought.

Speak to your family law attorney for more tips on how to fight for custody of your child.


10 October 2018

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