Have Your DUI Attorney Help You Obtain A Limited Driving Permit After An Arrest


Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to a series of consequences in your life. While the risk of jail time, community service, and a fine can all be a concern, one thing that you might immediately be worried about is the revocation of your driver's license. For many people who rely on the use of an automobile, not being able to drive is about more than just losing a form of their freedom — it can have serious ramifications. 

Of course, the best way to avoid losing your license is to avoid driving after you've been drinking, but if you're in this difficult position, your DUI attorney may be able to help you to obtain a limited driving permit. Here are some circumstances in which this is necessary.

You Drive For Work And You're The Primary Earner

While the court wants to punish you for driving while intoxicated, it also understands that some people need their vehicles. You'll be very worried if you need your vehicle for work and you're the primary earner for your family. It may be impossible for you to continue to work in your current occupation without a car, and not being able to work would obviously have serious financial consequences for your family. Your DUI attorney can paint this picture to the court with the hopes that you'll be able to get a limited driving permit.

You Need To Care For A Loved One

Another difficult scenario that your DUI charge may have jeopardized is driving to care for a loved one. Perhaps you have an elderly family member who lives independently, and you drop over daily with food and to check on him or her. While you might be able to take public transportation, this isn't always a factor if you live in certain areas. Your DUI attorney will describe the valuable role that you play for your loved one, and campaign for a limited driving permit so that you can continue to play this role.

You Will Be Attending A Treatment Center

DUI attorneys often have success in getting their clients into alcohol treatment centers. This can be preferable to other forms of punishment. If your attorney can make this happen for you, he or she may argue that you need a vehicle to attend your treatment center. This is especially true if it's not a residential center, and you'll thus be visiting daily. Not every treatment center is accessible by public transportation, so your attorney may be able to successfully help you to obtain a limited driving permit for travel to and from the center.

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4 December 2018

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