How To Increase Your Odds Of Your Disability Appeal Being Successful


After you have been denied SSDI benefits, your battle will not be over. You are able to file an appeal and those who file appeals are more likely to be approved than they were during their original application. A disability insurance claim lawyer can help you through this process.

Obtain Your Claim File

Make sure to obtain a claim file because any disabilities you have that are not found in the claim file will not be taken into consideration when determining whether your claim should be approved. Then, a disability claim attorney will begin the process of gathering medical evidence so you can improve your claim file.

Determine the exact type of disability that would allow you to prove that you deserve compensation for your injuries. Then, determine what is needed to prove that. For example, if you are not able to sleep because of chronic stomach pain, you will need your doctor to provide evidence of this.

Do Not Rely on the Form the Insurance Provider Gives You

The form given to you by the insurance provider will not fully cover everything that you may need to tell your insurance provider to receive compensation for your disability. Instead, you will need to prepare an attending physician statement. This will include important details such as:

  • A narrative explaining how your disability affects you
  • The nature of your occupation
  • Your current medical condition

Fortunately, a disability insurance claim lawyer will allow you to create this document yourself. Your employer's job description will not be enough to explain the responsibilities of your job and you will need to go into more detail. After creating a vocational report, you can combine this report with the statements made by your doctor to prove that you cannot work.

Find Evidence That the Claim Denial Is Not Supported By the Medical Record

You will need to show what went wrong with the initial review so you can request for the decision to be overturned. Without the help of an experienced disability attorney, you might point out information that would increase the odds that your claim will be denied.

Future Litigation

Even if your second appeal is denied, you may be able to have your claim approved in the future. This is especially true for complicated cases. However, you will need to set up the documents provided to the SSA in a way that will maximize the chances of your litigation being successful.

For more information, contact a disability insurance claim lawyer today.


12 May 2021

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