Little Known Facts About Bicycle Accidents


If your bike collides with a car, consult a car accident lawyer. Here is some basic information on bicycle accidents.

Liability for Different Types of Bicycle Accidents

Accidents at Intersections

A cyclist has a right-of-way when riding on a street that has no stop sign. A car that approaches the street with no stop sign and drives in front of the cyclist will be responsible for the accident. However, if the cyclist rides against traffic and there is an accident, both the driver and cyclist are to blame.

Another common scenario is where a cyclist rides on a street with a stop sign. If a cyclist rides in front of a vehicle with the right of way, the cyclist will be held responsible for the crash. In many cases, if a cyclist does not stop at a stop sign, they are barred from claiming any damages even when the motorist is liable for the accident.

The Left Cross and Right Hook

This is an accident where a motorist and cyclist approach from opposite sides. The motorist turns left and collides with the cyclist. Usually, the motorist will be held liable for the accident.

In a right hook accident, the car passes a bike when both are approaching an intersection. The car turns right, cutting off the cyclist. A right hook accident may also arise when the bike passes a slow car on the right. The car turns right and collides with the bike. This type of accident may also arise when the bike and car are waiting at a traffic light. The car moves right when the traffic light changes and cuts off the cyclist, causing an accident. In most of these scenarios, liability lies with the motorist.

Proving Liability in Bicycle Accidents

When a car accident attorney files a personal injury claim, they need to prove negligence. First, they have to determine whether the negligence was on the part of the driver or whether the cyclist contributed to the accident. To prove the driver's negligence, you must show that the driver acted in a manner that violated their duty of care towards you.

Actions that constitute traffic violations are regarded as negligence per se. For example, if a driver is cited for a violation like speeding at the time of the collision. If a cyclist is found negligent in an accident, they may not recover damages. This form of negligence is called comparative or contributory negligence.

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5 August 2021

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