Don'T Ignore The Small Print On Your Bail Agreement


If you have been released from jail using a bail agreement, take some time to understand what you agreed to. Whether you paid the full price for the bail or used a third-party bail bonding agency to get out of jail, bail agreements can contain some very important information about what could happen if you disobey the rules. Read on to find out how to avoid being arrested again and ending up back in jail.

Bail Conditions and Court Appearances

The number one rule of your bail agreement is a pledge to attend all court appearances. Most defendants are provided with plenty of time to prepare for their trials and to obtain legal representation. In addition, many court calendars are packed with cases and you might be facing a court date several months after you are released from jail. It's best to spend that time getting an attorney and working on your case.

Once you have an attorney, they can ask the court to reschedule your court date and judges will often allow that at least once. With more complex cases, your case can be delayed several times since it can take time for both you and the state to prepare for your case. No matter how many times your case gets delayed, however, you must stay on top of the dates and times and appear when ordered.

Keeping in Touch

Those with a private criminal defense lawyer may not need to make contact with the court as often but pay attention to the rules and phone in if you must. Some defendants must also contact their bail bonding agency every week while they await court. The requirements for keeping in touch also vary by the charges. Those arrested for drug charges may have to (randomly) submit to a drug test. Be sure you provide a good contact number along with your lawyer's number so that you don't miss a meeting or anything else.

Keeping Bad Company

You might be surprised to learn that your bail conditions also monitor your contacts while you are out on bail. Your conditions could include staying away from gang members, known felons, and any co-defendants connected to the case. Likely, you will also be forbidden from contacting any alleged victims or potential witnesses to the case.

The best way to stay out of trouble and avoid having your bail revoked is to read and follow the bail agreement and to stay in touch with your criminal attorney. Speak to a criminal law firm to find a lawyer or to learn more.


11 April 2022

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