Protect Yourself and Others from These 4 Common Fall Hazards


Autumn is a beautiful time of year. Trees are changing colors, leaves are falling, and the weather is shifting from the heat of summer to the cool of winter. But it can also put you at a higher risk of personal injury. How? Here are a few of the most common dangers you face and how to keep everyone safer.

1. Fallen Leaves

Although most people love the look of autumn trees with their orange, red, and yellow dying leaves. But beware of the risks falling leaves create. Leaves hide dangers like holes and tripping hazards for pedestrians and drivers. Leaves can also be very slippery.

Prevent injuries to yourself and others by clearing fallen leaves on your property as soon as possible. And when walking, try to avoid leaf piles when it's safe to do so. You may even report dangerous piles to business or property owners. 

2. Darkening Days

As the days get shorter, you'll spend more time out and about during the dusk and dawn hours. That additional darkness makes it harder to avoid accidents when walking or driving. Drivers may also be blinded by the sunlight at certain dangerous angles. 

Pay attention to when you drive regular routes. If the sun will be at the wrong angles, you may be able to adjust your schedule to travel before or after these periods. Drive defensively when you know that other drivers may be dealing with sunlight or dim conditions. 

3. Storms and Debris

Fall is notorious for its fickle weather. Storms bring wind, rain, hail, and more. They cause damage to homes and cars, turn into lightning storms, blow over trees or structures, and make debris fly. 

Prepare for bad weather as soon as autumn begins. Check your emergency supplies so you don't have to go out when the weather turns dangerous. Secure outdoor equipment and tools. And keep your yard or business property clear of debris that can take flight. 

4. Early Ice and Snow

Some areas of the country begin getting snow and ice as early as October. You may find yourself unexpectedly navigating icy roads, snowy sidewalks, slick stairs, or uncleared driveways. Slip and fall accidents (as well as road accidents) are common.

The best thing to do when snow and ice hit is to stay home, safe and dry. Employers should allow more flexibility for employees to avoid being on the road in the worst winter weather. Clear your sidewalks and stairs often, using preventative ice melting materials. And practice additional safety when walking. 

Where to Learn More

If you are injured in a fall accident — whether on a glaring road, on an icy sidewalk, in a storm, or around someone's fallen leaf pile — one place to turn to is a personal injury attorney in your state. Make an appointment today to get started. 


26 August 2022

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