Are You A Good Candidate For Amicable Divorce?


An amicable divorce is a noble goal, but it's also a difficult one. Ending a relationship is often emotionally fraught; add to that the legal complexity of divorce, and you can see why amicable divorces are not more common. But when they are possible, they have a host of benefits. They are generally faster and less stressful than adversarial divorces, and they are less expensive as well. So is an amicable divorce right for you?

31 July 2015

What To Do Before Your DUI Trial


If you are pulled over for drunk driving, it's not the end of the line; there are still some ways that you can avoid getting charged and losing your license. Here are some steps that you can take to clear up your case.  Choosing Whether or Not to Plead Guilty In the case of a drunk driving charge, it's often wise not to plead guilty. If you admit to drunk driving when the officer pulls you over, it becomes more of a cut and dry case that will result in a drunk driving charge.

27 July 2015