Should You and Your Spouse Use an AB Trust?


Depending on the size of your estate, your family and the executor might have to deal with federal estate taxes. To avoid estate taxes, you can choose to establish an AB trust. Whether or not the trust is the right move for you depends on various factors. If you are considering an AB trust to avoid estate taxes, here is what you need to know.  What Is an AB Trust?

7 October 2016

Body Language Tips to Help You During a Criminal Trial


Being tried on criminal charges can be one of the most stressful events of your life. It's very important that you prepare yourself ahead of time so that your body language and words aren't misconstrued by the jury or judge. The following tips can help you put your best foot forward when you enter the court room. Tip #1: Understand eye contact It can be a bit disconcerting to have the jury and judge staring at you throughout the proceedings.

19 August 2016

Limited Liability Corporations: A Basic Primer


If you plan on starting a business, one of the ways in which your business can become incorporated is to start a Limited Liability Corporation, or LLC. An LLC basically means that all losses and profits are passed on directly to the owner of the LLC, who in turn will pay personal tax on all profits. You might be wondering about some of the more specific ins and outs of an LLC.

17 August 2016

Division of Property: Step-by-Step Instructions on Getting a Fair Settlement


Once you and your spouse decide to divorce, one of the first priorities will be to divide your property. Most states are community property states, meaning that both people are owners of all marital property, despite who actually paid for it. The following are some tips to help you divide your property as fairly and evenly as possible. Draw Up a Detailed List One of the first things to do when dividing property is to make a very detailed and comprehensive list of everything you own together.

12 August 2016

Tips For Leaving An Inheritance To Adult Kids Who Are Bad With Money


As a parent, you likely want to ensure that your kids are taken care of once you are gone. However, what happens if your adult child is bad with money? Regardless of why your adult child is bad with money, there are some ways you can leave your child an inheritance, even if he/she doesn't handle money so well. Leave Money in a Trust A trust is different from a will.

10 August 2016

Important Information About Subtle Sexual Harassment Women Need To Know


For many women, knowing the signs of real sexual intentions from men or women they work with is important, because many signals are slight and subtle. If you are unaware another person is targeting you sexually, you may fall into a trap of thinking their comments and actions are out of friendship or that they are just joking and having fun. Learn more about some of the ways you could be the target of sexual harassment without being aware of it.

7 August 2016

FAQs About Quitclaim Deeds


If you are buying a home that is owned by more than one person, your real estate lawyer might recommend that you get a quitclaim deed for each person who owns the home. A quitclaim deed can protect your investment and help you avoid challenges to your ownership later. If you are in the process of buying a home, here is what you need to know about a quitclaim deed.

4 August 2016