Have Your DUI Attorney Help You Obtain A Limited Driving Permit After An Arrest


Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to a series of consequences in your life. While the risk of jail time, community service, and a fine can all be a concern, one thing that you might immediately be worried about is the revocation of your driver's license. For many people who rely on the use of an automobile, not being able to drive is about more than just losing a form of their freedom — it can have serious ramifications.

4 December 2018

Is Your Child Custody Situation In Jeopardy?


Caring parents who are also divorcing parents can often disagree on important child-related issues. The creation of a fair and simple parenting plan is of utmost importance, but emotions can run high when parents try to agree on those issues. To make sure that you are prepared to deal with this potentially divisive issue, read below for some child custody tips. Go On the Offensive If you have reason to believe that your spouse will contest custody, you must take an offensive stance.

10 October 2018

Understanding The Job Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer


Being accused of wrongdoing by the police or the courts can leave you feeling stunned, but a criminal defense lawyer, like those at Goble & Yow PLLC, can guide you through the process of presenting a case. It's important, however, to have a full understanding of what your attorney's job actually is. Protecting Your Rights Before any other obligation is considered, your lawyer is there to explain to you what your rights are and how you can look out for your best interests.

4 September 2018

Hit-And-Run Or Felony DUI—Which Is (Legally) Worse?


In many states, not a day goes by without a news headline about an unsolved hit-and-run accident. But while the proliferation of security and traffic cameras make it easier than ever to track down potential hit-and-run offenders, many of these cases remain unsolved. And in some parts of the country, the penalty for driving while intoxicated (and killing a pedestrian in the process) may be far steeper than the penalty for leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

26 July 2018

Is Your College-Aged Daughter Facing Burglary Charges? 3 Tips To Help Her Handle Her Case


Few things are worse than finding out that your daughter is charged with a crime. After all, you know that the impact of a criminal conviction on her record could affect her ability to find gainful employment after her college graduation. While you may not be able to undo the past, you can use these tips to help her handle the burglary charges and prepare for a brighter future. Find Out the Details

27 April 2018

Divorcing? You Need These People


When you realize that nothing will save your marriage, you may approach divorce reluctantly. However, if you want to both protect yourself and your finances without feeling worse, you should have the following people in your life. 1-A Lawyer While many people contact a lawyer immediately upon deciding they want to get a divorce, some don't. They imagine that their relationship isn't so bad that they can't work things out amicably or imagine the cost is too high to use a professional.

7 April 2018

Dog Bites: Is the Owner Always Liable?


For dog owners, issues with dog bites and the aftermath should always be at the forefront. If your dog bites and injures someone, it is easy to assume that the dog is automatically at fault and the owner liable. That is not always the case, however. There are some times in which the dog can be deemed the innocent party. The following are some examples in which dog owners can be exempt from bite liability:

23 August 2017